Mayo on Issues

Mayo and Hawaii Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard advocating for HR 790 (Reinstatement of FDR's Glass-Steagal - Prudent Banking Act).

Mayo Makinde on the Issues

  • Criminal Justice Reform
    The failures of our criminal justice system and the inability of our elected officials to find solutions to this broken system are some of the most disappointing aspects of our government today. My commitment is to bring integrity to a system that is supposed to bring justice, equality and tranquility to all but only works for the richest and most privileged individuals. Some of the issues that I plan to reform are - frequent civil rights violations on routine traffic stops, ineffective legal representation leading to unnecessary plea bargains, and a correctional system that is not rehabbing people but is instead increasing the recidivism rate. As a community activist who has also worked in law enforcement, I have the appropriate experience and skillset to solve some of these issues, including the unsettling state of police and community relations.   

    1. Remove systemic barriers that impede minority police recruiting to help cities diversify their law enforcement agencies.
    2. Stop the militarization of peace officers by distinguishing between police & war gears.

  • Combating Income Inequality
    We live in a nation that has promised all of it’s citizens the opportunity to attain the American Dream, however it is plagued by the infamous issue of income inequality. That issue hits too close to home, affecting many neighborhoods in Columbus. As a resident of one of the most disparaged communities in the state of Ohio, I look forward to fighting for neighborhoods like mine by taking on the issue of income inequality as an Ohio State Legislator.


    1. Enact a living wage as minimum wage. We need to bring dignity back to entry level work life.
    2. Fight to fairly regulate wage disparities in the public sector.
    3. Fight for the growth of new, small, and minority businesses.
    4. Support legislation that breaks up the Big Banks - reinstatement of Glass-Steagall (Prudent Banking Act)
    5. Expand green initiatives as an industry with exponential growth for labor.
    6. Expand re-entry programs that enhance employment and holistic family building
    7. Equal Pay for Women

  • Medicare For All
    Healthcare is at the forefront of all issues in American politics today. As a member of the State Executive Board of the Single Payer Action Network, I believe that Ohio should lead the nation in providing healthcare for all citizens by enacting medicare-for-all legislation. I believe we should prioritize the value of a healthy Ohio because a healthy Ohio will bring a healthier workforce and subsequently better economy. I would be proud to help lead Ohio to a destination most developed countries are at and our country has aspired to be since President Franklin D Roosevelt's attempt in the late 30s.

    1. Enact Single-Payer Healthcare Plan..

  • Campaign Finance Reform
    At the core of the issues that plagues the American Democracy is the issue of the influence of money in politics. A government can't adequately serve the people when it's become the best government money can buy. This is the same for Ohio and We believe our state should be at the front of the fight to keep this government of the people, by the people, and for the people. We need to give the power back to the people and not to the richest one percent. Our campaign will prove that the public is ready to fund an electoral system that will completely work for the will of the people.